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Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 29, 2008

Movember - Sponsor Me

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Week 2 – eLF Reflection:

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 6, 2008

Week Two – 23/10/08:

Today has been very productive and I have completed the required activites in much less time than I did last week. I think I have a little bit of Gen Y in me as I want everything 5 minutes ago and become frustrated when the technology can’t keep up :)

My laptop has frozen and needed to be restarted twice during todays tasks. I think it is not the technology so to speak, but the operator who wants to do too many things at once! I usually have all the pages I want to access open at once on seperate tabs and move backwards and forwards as needed. I think this is creating a problem so have tried to limit how many programs and browser windows/tabs I have open.

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Week One – eLF Reflection:

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 6, 2008

Week One – 16/10/08:

I have coined a new phrase “wikifrustration abounds” – I have have just lost all my work despite saving it :( In the end it worked out O.K and I completed all the required activities. One could say I am very stubborn and extremely determined! Thanks Karen for being a supportive collaborative learner and helping me out when the technology failed me.

Regardless it has been a great week and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The voice thread technology was new to me and I found it quite interesting and engaging.

I would most certainly ensure I spent a fair bit of time assisting / allowing the learners in my class to become familiar with the technology, tools and equipment required. It was suggested by Anne Bartlett Bragg (eLearning Lecturer at the University of Technology in Sydney) who I had for eLExp (eLearning Experiences) in 2007 at UTS that three weeks would be an appropriate amount of time to allow for this to occur.

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Everything Old is New Again!

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on September 26, 2008

Welcome back again; it’s been quite a while since my last post, but here’s a quick update.

I am currently undergoing training with the TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute Learning Technologies Unit as an eLF (eLearning Facilitator). I recently undertook training in the use of a range of technologies included in Media Resource Kits that have been complied by the LTU to assist and encourage teachers to develop teaching resources using a variety of different technology.

I have joined the Technology Trainers Community as a Technology Trainer for Nepean College. I am hoping and imagining that my eLExp UTS lecturer ABB would be proud!

I am looking forward to learning heaps and adding to the knowledge and skills I gained whilst completing eLearning Experiences at UTS in 2007. Stay tuned for updates….

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It’s Been a While………

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on May 7, 2008

Yes, life after uni is CRAZY! My god, let me please go back. Work is so full on I barely have time to scratch myself.

Anyway, exciting news; I have just been told that I have won the 2008 Phillips Prize at UTS for being the ‘graduand with the most outstanding academic and professional record in the vocational education field of practice, in the Bachelor of Education in Adult Education’ (UTS, 2008). I am absolutely stoked!

Information regarding the award can be found at the link below.


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on December 31, 2007

Santa has been and gone and we are on the verge of welcoming in the New Year.

As we bid goodbye to 2007 and all the trials and tribulations that came with it,  I am looking forward to 2008 and the adventures and unforseen challenges it may bring along with it.

Here’s hoping it may be kind to us all; and if not that we have the strength and wisdom to deal with whatever may be……

I’m off to Hong Kong this week with the kids for a well earned rest. So, I’ll catch up when I am back on deck.

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Time2get a Life – if I can remember how!

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 16, 2007

I have not long ago submitted my very last assignment for my BEd at UTS; the very long Research Plan for Research and Inquiry. It has been a very long and challenging two years.

I am not quite sure where to from here though as I was considering doing a Masters until I discovered that Cornie is retiring. What a sad day that was; but he so deserves it. UTS will be lost without his extensive knowledge and abilities.

But first it is time to have a life again; if only I can remember how! Off to celebrate with a nice glass of red :D

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Time for a Change of Scenery

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 11, 2007

Hope you like the new look :)

The time was right; I needed something to cheer me up. I managed to find a theme that would accomodate most of my original stuff without any hassle, which is great. Still some modifications to make and some old widgets to put back on, but overall I think I like it.

Hasn’t fixed the server dropouts, but at least it has fixed the problem I was having with the formatting of references, just in time for marking!

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eLExp – Baihnygirl’s Last Stand

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 11, 2007

AGAIN – Technofrustration Plus surrounds me……………

Well, I think it is finally finished! I have absolutely, well and truly had enough.  I have spent well over three days trying to get the Module Three Additional Assignment posted to my blog.

I am sick of formatting issues, computer dramas and server upgrades! At this point I would be quite happy to never look at it again……… Hey who am I kidding, I love my blog! Just not all the dramas of recent times.

Hopefully, the assignment displays correctly when ABB looks at it. If not; well what can I do? Can’t say I didn’t put in the hard work.

If nothing else I deserve a HD for persistence! Or maybe stupidity? Who knows…. Anyway that’s it for eLExp for me.

Adios Amigos Hasta Luego :)

I think if I recall my Spanish correctly that is goodbye, until later……….

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Technofrustration Mark II

Posted by Nayomie Baihn on November 9, 2007

Why is it that just when you REALLY need it the technology fails you?  While I understand that Edublogs needed a server upgrade; the timing could not have been worse for me :(

Here I am now trying like crazy to get an additional assignment completed (I must be crazy because it’s not compulsory) when I really should be concentrating on other things (such as my final assignment for Research & Inquiry).

Having used up my monthly data allowance downloading Second Life I went off to work yesterday (on my uni study day) with the specific intention of using the wireless connection there to access Edublogs so I could finish the Evaluation Criteria for Module Three. However, the best laid plans and all that stuff….. Anyway, I found that the promised server upgrade was taking place and that I could not get to the page on my blog I needed to work on. Very frustrating indeed!

Today I am stuck with the frustration of having finally at 2pm, being able to get onto my blog and actually navigate around it properly (I tried this earlier this morning and it was a non-event AGAIN). The BIG ISSUE is that I am very time poor and still speed-limited.

Funny, I actually had four more lines here and they just disappeared when the connection dropped out during publishing!!!!!

Oh joy, oh joy – you will just have to wonder because I do not have time or the patience to rewrite them!

Here we go AGAIN……………….

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